The Power of Speaking Spanish on Your Travels


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Master Spanish for Travel and Experience Authentic and Unforgettable Moments in Spain and Latin America!

From February 19th to March 19th
5 weeks of transformative learning

Have you ever imagined exploring the Costa Rican rainforest, immersing yourself in Mexico's rich culture, or strolling through the cobblestone streets of Madrid? 

If you're seeking more than superficial tourism and want to dive into the essence of each destination, you're ready to embark on an exciting language adventure with Travel in Spanish.

Welcome to an experience that will transform your journeys. At Travel in Spanish, I not only teach you to speak Spanish, but also provide you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and equip you with the necessary tools to confidently communicate in Spanish in everyday and authentic situations.

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The Freedom to Travel Confidently

Imagine traveling without relying on intermediaries or English. Speaking Spanish will give you the confidence to shop, interact with locals, and handle everyday situations with authenticity and autonomy. Say goodbye to uncertainty and language barriers.

From the Market to the Restaurant:

From conversations at local markets to ordering food at restaurants, you'll be ready to immerse yourself in the culinary culture of each destination. 

Learn to order typical dishes, understand menus, and ask essential questions about ingredients. No more awkward gestures or misunderstandings.

What's included inside Travel in Spanish

Video lessons #1

The explanatory lessons aren't live, so you can watch them whenever it suits you best!

practical exercises #2

The practical exercises are flexible too. You can do them throughout the week in small time chunks. No need to block out whole hours. You can learn while waiting in line at the grocery store or during a work break.

live classes #3

The live conversation classes are fantastic for practicing what you've learned. They're scheduled weekly, giving you time between each session to watch the explanations, do the exercises, and work on the new vocabulary. So, you'll come to the live sessions prepared and ready to practice

Limited Spots #4

Learning Spanish in small groups provides active participation, personal attention, and constructive feedback, promoting effective and enriching language learning.

Global Community #5

Be part of a global community of travelers learning Spanish and sharing their experiences.


Your questions will be promptly answered in comment sections on each lesson.

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Only 140 €

You're just one click away from transforming your travels! Join Travel in Spanish and open the doors to a new way of traveling, connecting, and experiencing!

Communication in Real-Life Situations

My practical and real-life focused approach will prepare you to communicate at airports, restaurants, hotels, markets, and more. Imagine how your ability to express yourself in Spanish will transform every aspect of your travels, allowing you to live genuine experiences.

Access to the Comunidad de viajeros

By joining Travel in Spanish, you'll become part of a global community of passionate travelers who are learning Spanish. Share your experiences, practice with peers, and create friendships that transcend borders.

The Course Module Overview

Each module represents two weeks, starting Monday or any day if you follow at your own pace!



At the airport

Among other topics, you will learn how to communicate on the plane, at your destination airport, in the airport shops, in the car rental shop, at the currency exchange office. You will learn how to claim a lost item, how to order a taxi and how to give directions.



In the hotel

You will learn how to book accommodation in Spanish, express needs, make a complaint, express thanks, ask for recommendations of activities and places to visit, communicate in the hotel hairdresser's and communicate in situations that may arise during your stay.



Eating and drinking out

Some of the topics you will learn are: ordering food, asking for the ingredients of a dish, ordering food at home, giving your opinion, shopping in supermarkets and shops, typical Spanish dishes.



Getting to know the place

You will learn: how to ask for information at the tourist office, vocabulary about museums, theatres and art, how to book a ticket for a show, how to give recommendations to other travellers, vocabulary for shopping and other topics related to getting to know your destination.



Unexpected situations

You will learn how to communicate in a pharmacy, at a doctor's appointment, at the police station, in dangerous situations, in social situations and how to react if someone is bothering you.

Fast Action Bonuses

(when you enroll before february 13rd)

Travel Journaling Workshop

Document your experiences and improve your Spanish through your adventures. Hone your narrative skills and express your thoughts in impactful ways.

120 € Value

(when you enroll before february 13RD)

Micro Courses on Verb Tenses

Learn to distinguish between the verbs "ser" and "estar," use verb tenses to talk about the past and future accurately.

230 € Value

Join Travel in Spanish and You Get:

Travel in Spanish 5 weeks 

350 € Value

Travel Journaling Workshop

60 € Value

Micro Courses on Verb Tenses

140 € Value

Total Value: €550

Program travel in spanish

Only €140

One time payment

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have enough time for the course?

Absolutely! I understand that life can be busy, so I designed the course to fit your pace. With recorded lessons, practical exercises, and live small group classes, you can fit learning into your schedule and progress at your own pace.

What happens if I am travelling to a country where the accent is different?

No problem, you'll learn solid foundations to communicate anywhere in the Spanish-speaking world.

Is there support after completing the course?

Yes, you'll receive a unique discount and priority to join my exciting Spanish immersion program in northern Spain in 2024.

What level of Spanish should I have to join this programme?

This course is designed for adult foreigners who already have at least a pre-intermediate level of Spanish and wish to learn Spanish specifically for travel. While you don't need to be an expert, the course caters to individuals who already have a foundation in Spanish.

Will I have unlimited access to the course content?

Yes! The course contents will be available forever, allowing you to review and revisit at any time. However, please note that live group classes will not be accessible indefinitely.

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