Hello, I’m Ana Neira

Ayudo a profesionales del sector turístico de habla no hispana a conseguir una estrella más en Booking, Tripadvisor, Agoda y compañía, enseñándoles a hablar español
específico del sector turístico

I also teach Spanish to travellers so that they can communicate in Spanish with local people on their trips to Spain and Latin America.

I organise language immersion trips for intermediate and advanced students of Spanish in Galicia, northern Spain.

Ana Neira Spanish Teacher

Do you work in the tourism industry?

Would you like to improve your communication with your Spanish-speaking clients?

Choose your FREE resource and start improving your Spanish today!

Guía examen español

Guide to the Spanish language exam for tourism professionals

Find out all you need to know about the exam that could change your career.

Ejercicios de español para extranjeros

E-workbook with Spanish exercises for the travel industry

Learn and practise tourism-related vocabulary that you can use with your Spanish-speaking clients.

Ebook de aprender español

50 bilingual phrases to help you communicate with Spanish-speaking tourists

Improve your communication with your clients from Spain and Latin America by using these expressions.

Learn Spanish vocabulary

Improve your Spanish with me and learn specific vocabulary that will help you connect with your clients and guests.

If you work at a hotel, airport,
travel agency, if you are a tour guide or
work at a company in the tourism sector,
, I can help you to advance
advance in your career and make you more confident
to be yourself when
communicating with Spanish-speaking tourists.

What do my students say about me?

I admire people who love their job. And it seems to me that you really enjoy every class just like I do. It’s very important, on unconscious level, to feel that your teacher/tutor/mentor lives and breathes every class – that drives motivation and desire. Also, you are an exceptionally open-minded and fun person that I really enjoy speaking with! Y nunca me rompes la cabeza 😄


Me gustan mucho las clases con Ana. Buscaba clases con atención en conversación y Ana es muy paciente y amable. Cada una de nuestras conversaciones es interesante y muy útil para mí. Siempre tengo ganas de la siguiente clase.



I absolutely love the variety of your classes. We are always doing different activities, which makes it exciting. It is a great mix of conversation, grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading. I like that everything we learn is what I can actually use in real life.



I love learning Spanish with Ana, not only because she adapts lessons to my level and interests, but also because she is a very positive person, always smiling. Spanish with good vibes😉 ¡Gracias Ana!



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